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David Andrew DeAngelis, MBA, CLTC®
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About David


Ricciardo DeAngelis immigrated to the United States in 1903 and established himself before returning to Italy to marry sister of Nazzarena Carucci, Angela Carucci, in 1907, he then settled back in Connellsville, PA, to create their lives in America.

David employs his savvy marketing skills to promote businesses by developing their web presence and visibility on the Internet. David is a 3rd generation Italian-American. He has traveled extensively throughout Italy. Continuing in the ‘Uccelli di Passaggio’ tradition he has returned to Italy to visit with family, improve his Italian language skills and study. David is an experienced ceramicist and enjoys making pottery.

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A SAB COCE SNHUconnect video explained by David Andrew DeAngelis: